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Good Place, Good Food

BrewBee is a dream of two entrepreneurs to serves food and drinks to customers with utmost peaceful ambience, at the same time to be a place when a friend gives a party or become a gather point on a gameday but also for the families too.


Every Bite Has an Impact

BrewBee vary greatly in appearance and offerings, including a wide variety of cuisines and service models But we have our own philosophy on being a restraprenure 


Minimize Land Use

Efficiently designed and very less space been wasted for luxury with the idea of Eco friendly ambience.


Save Water

Our kitchen never keeps the tap open without a vessel beneath the tap until chef wants to wash his hands.


Reduced Paper usage

Our restaurant has fully digital system from orders till accounting, we offer finger bowl instead of Tissue paper. 


Save Lives

We keep this pledge of never waste food so everyday' s leftover will be taken to needy who falls under our vision.

It's the Future of Gathering

Where friends can gather for a game day, families can gather for occasional nights, We have wide range of multicuisine menu and a professional team who will provide exceptional service. The friendly staff are ready to listen and help you when you need it.

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